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 Xindali - Focus on the push button switch industry for 23 years.  

Indicator Light AD22E Series

LED Indicator Lamp Ad22E Series are produced by our factory, with high brightness, good reliability, beautiful appearance, fine workmanship and other characteristics. Our electric indicator light is well received by our customers. In order to conform to the quail and aesthetic demand users, we developed AD22-22 b, C, D, E, G, H double - colour lamp, position indicator, shiny buzzer and mini short index, and design the shape of the AD22-22 G / 22 gs series button, can meet various international standard chimney, it is made of high strength of polycarbonate and enjoy better performance of surge, and bolt -type connector design will make it more secure, more convenient. All the improvements will be provided to make your choice more convenient and your design perfect.

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